Table Monolith Audio

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Suggested retail price: 2200EUR

Table Monolith Audio

    The unusual solution for the most demanding users. The hand-made Monolith Audio table from solid wood combines high practical and aesthetic values.

    Carefully selected wood with the natural parallel wood grain ensures a deep aesthetic experience. In order to manufacture one table, it is necessary to presort ca. 1,000m
    3(!) of sawn timber that is dried to reach the humidity of 8-10%. This requires a lot of work and high production capacities.

    Owing to the block structure, it is possible to obtain material with no defects, one that is dimensionally stable in changeable conditions of use. The mass of 130kg guarantees a natural isolation of the table from vibrations in the environment.

    The table is covered with a high quality, very hard, special water lacquer, which is available in many colours. A semi-transparent white version can be seen in the photos. Dimensions in cm: W 110 x D 55 x H 60.

    Upon order, tables can be manufactured in any dimensions and for any devices.

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