Anti-vibration platform Lilium

Anti-vibration platform Monolith Audio Lilium
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Anti-vibration platform Monolith Audio Lilium

    The Lilium model is an answer to numerous inquiries on the part of Customers concerning platforms in uniform high gloss colors without the wood structure being visible. Monolith Audio Lilium platforms are made from two MDF plates, each 40 mm thick, their surfaces being covered with premium class acrylic, which is characterized by an enhanced resistance to scratches. Owing to a greater density of the material, it was possible to reduce the thickness of the platforms, which is of a great importance to many customers.

    Monolith Audio anti-vibration platforms allow one to fully show the possibilities of each element of the audio system. Special effects are achieved with turntables, amplifiers, CD/SACD players, stream players and digital to analogue converters.

    The text of a review presents best an example of an effect obtained with the amplifier:
    “Since this platform doesn't change tonality of an amplifier placed on it there is no quantitative change/improvement.

    What we witness is a qualitative change/improvement. It delivers better resolution, that is followed by better depth, better differentiation which leads to more vivid, more „alive” performance. I was satisfied with the sound of an amplifier before I placed it on Polish platform for a first time, but once I did place it there I simply could go back to listening to it without Monolith Audio platform.” (Wojciech Pacula, High Fidelity No 111, August 2013)

    Owing to their classical and modern appearance, their unique quality of workmanship and unusual sonic prosperities, Lilium platforms currently is the most frequently selected product in our offer.
    The platforms are available in two colors: black and piano white, and in two dimensions:
    Lilium: W 50 x D 40 x H 8.5cm
    Lilium 0.6: W 30 x D 40 x H 8.5cm

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